From demonstration projects towards volume market: innovations for one stop shop in sustainable renovation

In Europe, SMEs can set the trend in the emerging sustainable housing renovation market. However:

  • The renovation process is now often fragmented between many SMEs.
  • The client and the SME find it difficult to consult all necessary information (examples, technical solutions, companies, quality assurance, financial support,..).  

Therefore specific actions are needed. Innovative technologies can be clustered and presented as a holistic renovation solution; SME competences and know-how can be increased. The "One Stop Shop" concept was developed as an integrated solution, for both SMEs and clients.  This project was started in 1st September 2012 and finished 31st August 2012.


Core of the project

European and national ambitions for renovation lead to the prescription of increasing energy performances, including objectives such as reaching the Passive House standard, zero-energy building or CO2 neutrality. The awareness grows that, considering energy-efficient renovations, the market structure will change, both in volume and necessity for the execution of more thorough renovations. Innovative solutions are needed to reach different target groups and to find solutions for technical bottlenecks and enterprise collaboration.

At present throughout all European countries (to higher or lesser degree) advanced renovations of residential buildings is an emerging market, implemented in demonstration projects only (typically financially supported by subsidies). SMEs that are involved are the front-runners on the market /trend setters in renovation activities of the residential sector. An important supply side barrier to increase integrated renovation activities is the fragmentation of the renovation process that is shared between many SMEs doing fraction of a number of renovation measures. On the demand side, the homeowner lacks a possibility to find in a structured way all information needed to decide on renovation solutions, to contact experienced building companies and to assure quality and financial support.

Eliminating these supply and demand problems are the core of this project, by specific actions towards clustering innovative technologies to reduce the fragmentation of the renovation process for single-family houses, and increase competences, knowledge and innovations by SMEs; and development of the one stop shop (tool) as platform for both homeowners and companies offering holistic renovation solutions. 

If your company wants more specific and practical oriented information on the results of this project, do not hesitate to contact Passiefhuis-Platform (Johan Cré, Erwin Mlecnik, Irena Kondratenko).

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