Innovation for collaboration

Innovations in supply-side for collaboration

There is a huge theoretical potential for reducing the energy consumed in existing single-family houses by means of highly energy-efficient integrated renovation. For successful market development of such renovations, supply chain collaboration is very important, while at the same time customer demand for integrated renovations has to be stimulated.

In this research report supply side needs of architects and contractors for developing highly energy-efficient integrated housing renovation were detected from interviews with demonstration project stakeholders and from a contractor questionnaire. These research results contributed to defining opportunities and barriers related to process innovation to unburden the client and to achieve less fragmented single-family housing renovation processes.

You can read and download the executive summary here. 

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- Aditional case descriptions: 

- Questionnaire: 

- Research on web-based portals: Country Reports: 


Implementation phase

A research and networking methodology was developed within the framework of the One Stop Shop project to identify and develop collaboration opportunities for various actor categories for advanced housing renovation in Belgium, Denmark, Finland and Norway. After developing an actor categorisation in each partner country, a networking event produced additional research results to defining new business opportunities related to process innovation to unburden the homeowner and to achieve less fragmented renovation processes. Ideas and methods were detected for stimulating collaboration and business model generation between different players on the renovation market, and for making innovators visible on the market.

You can read and download the executive summary here. 

Further details per topic can be found below:

- Actor categories in partner countries: 

- Report Business Zoo: 

- Public actor list: 

- List of experts integrated energy efficient house renovations in Flanders & Brussels: 


Research papers

Web platforms integrating supply and demand for highly energy-efficient renovation  (Presented at the latest Nordic Passive House Conference, 17-19 October 2011, Helsinki)

- Collaboration opportunities in advanced housing renovation  (This paper was presented as a poster presentation at the latest International conference on Solar heating and cooling for buildings and industry, July 9-11, San francisco)

- Developing an integrated offer for Sustainable renovations  (Presented at the Retrofit 2012 Conference, 24-26 January 2012, Salford, U.K.)

- Innovations in Very Low Energy Retrofit Projects  (Presented as poster session at PLea 2011, Belgium)