Retrofit 2012: Presentation 'Developing an integrated offer for sustainable renovations' by Johan Cré

The abstract, 'Developing an integrated offer for sustainable renovations' (Authors:Johan Cré, Erwin Mlecnik, Irena Kondratenko, Pieter Degraeve, Joerie-Aleksander Vander Have, Jeroen Vrijders, Johan Van Dessel, Trond Haavik, Satu Paiho, Sven Svendsen, Lies Vanhoutteghem, Sanne Hansen), submitted for the Retrofit 2012 conference is accepted for paper and presentation.

Retrofit 2012 is an academic conference organised by the Salford University (Manchester, UK). The goal of Retrofit 2012 is to bring together a wide range of researchers from a number of disciplines to take a multi-perspective approach in identifying how this problem may be best addressed and the key current and emerging research questions and findings. Retrofit 2012 takes place from 24th - 26th january 2012, Salford Quays More info:


You can read & download the full paper here: