Presentation by erwin Mlecnik @ ECTP-E2BA Eracobuild Conference, Warsaw 4-5 October 2011

During the Eracobuild session at the ECTP conference in Warsaw, the One Sop Shop project was presented by Erwin Mlecnik (PHP) in a presentation titled: "From demonstration projects  towards volume market: innovations for one stop shop in sustainable  renovation" ().   

This 5th Conference of the European Construction Technology Platform, combined with a Conference of the Era-Net Eracobuild, showed how the Construction sector contributes to EU 2020 ambitions and illustrates the ECTP objectives to develop Innovative Buildings and Infrastructures to construct Europe's future, to innovate through research and integration of inputs from other sectors using appropriate tools (such as PPPs) in the next Common Strategic Programme, and to conduct two major European Initiatives: 

  • E2B: "Energy-Efficient Buildings" European Initiative 
  • reFINE: "Infrastructure Networks of Europe" Initiative 

More info on the conference: 

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