Paper "Collaboration opportunities in advanced housing renovation"

This paper was presented as a poster presentation at the latest International conference on Solar heating and cooling for buildings and industry ( July 9-11, San francisco).

Authors: Erwin Mlecnika,b,*, Irena Kondratenkoa, Johan Créa, Jeroen Vrijdersc, Pieter Degraeved, Joeri Aleksander van der Haved, Trond Haavike, Synnøve A.Aabrekke, Matilde Grønf, Sanne Hansenf, Svend Svendsenf, Olli Stenlundg, Satu Paihog

  • a Passiefhuis-Platform vzw (PHP), Gitschotellei 138, B-2600 Berchem, Belgium
  • b TU Delft, OTB Research Institute for the Built Environment, P.O. Box 5030, 2600 GA Delft, the Netherlands
  • c Belgian Building Research Institute (BBRI), Avenue P. Holoffe 21, B-1342 Limelette, Belgium
  • d Vlaamse Confederatie Bouw (VCB), Lombardstraat 34-42, B-1000 Brussel, Belgium
  • e Segel AS, Øyane 11 – P.O. Box 284, N-6771 Nordfjordeid, Norway
  • f Technical University of Denmark – Department of Civil Engineering, Brovej Building 118, DK-2800 Kgs. Lyngby, Denmark
  • g VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Building and Transport P.O. Box 1800. FIN-02044 VTT, Finland  

You can read the full paper and poster here:

- Paper:   

- Poster:   


More information on the conference can be found here.