State of the art in housing renovation

In order to support the general objectives of the One Stop Shop project, in the first phase of the project, a “state-of-the-art” was drawn up on several relevant topics considering low energy renovation, as explained below. The information gathered was used within the project itself, but also serves as output to the ‘One Stop Shop’ Platform (concept) and stand on its own as interesting information for actors involved in deep renovation.

Four specific topics were addressed:
  • The market potential of housing renovation
  • Innovative products and techniques for low energy renovation
  • Interactions in the renovation process
  • Exemplary cases
The information gathered on these topics, is for each part structured in a specific way, so that the individual parts can be used as self-standing results of the One Stop Shop project. The current report is a summary of the results of the individual tasks and is meant to give an overview and a critical review on some elements.
You can read and download the report here (pdf). 
Research papers
- Innovations in Very Low Energy Retrofit Projects  (Presented as poster session at PLea 2011, Belgium)